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~ Create ~ Perform ~ Inspire ~
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Friday, May 27, 2016

This year on PDC ~ Emily Daines

This year on dance company I had the most amazing time learning about working together as a team. Towards the beginning of the year, when we were just getting to know each other, we definitely had a difficult time working and being committed to each other and it showed in our performance. At our shakespeare, we bonded and it helped make our Shakespeare performance so successful. Every performance we do, we improve. Our spring concert was so successful because we had a unified and dedicated team. As we became closer and more unified in class and outside of class, we began to work together to be the best we could be. Our performance quality improved and so did our team spirit. I absolutely love this company and I feel as though we are going to dedicate ourselves to put our best foot forward. This team thrives on unity and dedication which we have developed throughout the year and will continue working on into next year and every year to come. I have learned so much about what being a team means and it has influenced my personal life as well as my dance life. Thank you all for such an amazing year!

Thursday, May 26, 2016

What I learned this year is you can never stop progressing. I come from a back ground of football, and other contact sports and didn't start dancing until last year. I have learned that there is never to much you can do. The only thing that limits you is your excuse that "there isn't enough time" or "I'm too tired." There is always enough time to do what you love. Some one told me this "you have 8 hours of sleep 8 hours of work and 8 hours of play." so there is plenty of time in a day to learn something and to experience something new everyday. Plus, dance has helped me become a better all around athlete.

Abby - What I learned from PDC

 What I Learned from Performing Dance Company

Given the incredible opportunity of being a part of PDC was such a blessing and a dream come true! There are so many wonderful people I've met and important things I've learned. So grateful for the experience I was given and how I was able to develop and grow my talents in so many different ways. I am a lucky girl to be able to have made up a small part of such an amazing company. We were truly blessed with the best instructor as well! We really couldn't ask for anything more. 
The ways this dance company has changed me have been physical, technical, intellectual, and personal. Physically, working out and practicing has made me a more fit person and it always help to get my daily exercise in! Technically, (if that's the right word) my technique has grown so much ever since sophomore year. I've gotten better flexibility wise, trick wise and choreography wise. I've grown in those ways so much and I feel more advanced than before I joined PDC. Intellectually, I've learned a lot of information about dance in depth, the body, and choreography! That will be such useful information if I end up going into the dance world with the career like that.
Overall, I think I've grown the most from PDC in a personal way. I've learned so many life lessons that will help me in any situation. You can't get things done when you're not reliable or dependable for the people you work with and you won't be a trustworthy person to them. We have to be able to rely on each other and reach out for help when we need it. We can't always be so independent that we don't consider other peoples opinions or talents. Teamwork is essential to a successful organization. Everyone needs to put in effort and grow a passion for what they do. I've also learned to always be respectful to the people around you whether you don't agree with them or you do. We are happiest when we give our respect and time to other people. I love the teamwork, relationships and the joy that has come from this company! There is truly something that bonds us as passionate dancers brought together in this big world. To find so many people who love the same thing you do and support you and it is amazing. I love everything that this company has taught me and I will always remember the special place it has in my heart. Thank you Krista for everything you do and for allowing us to be a part of such an incredible blessing. Love you!